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Welcome to the New World: Green Hell

Dev-Blog #16 New Map Environment Challenges

Into the woods and through the darkness, the undead dwell. It’s a survivalist’s dream come true: can you survive on your own in the woods? Hello to all you would-be survivors, and welcome back to the Dawn of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. We wanted to show you a new map we’re working on: Green Hell. Green Hell is a brutal environment where the trees tower over you, the rain pours down hard, and there’s more than just zombies hunting you. There’s also an abundance of resources to collect... you just need the guts to go out and collect them ...

We wanted to give you a unique experience that truly felt like you were on your own in the zombie apocalypse. In the first Dawn of Survivors, it wasn’t enough to just have zombies and a few rabbits roaming around. The level of danger and number of resources has doubled. This is so you wouldn’t endure long moments of dry gameplay. The tension will never cease, and the rewards are so much sweeter. 

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we received was that there weren't enough resources to collect and not enough zombies to kill. We took that to heart, and ramped up both. Now that you and your teammates have a goal (to escape the apocalypse), it’s important that you have a legitimate chance to collect all the resources you need.

Of course… we didn’t say it would be easy…

One man in a vast world of jungle and danger.
One man in a vast world of jungle and danger.

We’re also giving you the chance to customize the difficulty of your own map. You’ll be able to choose the amount of resources and zombies in your area; giving you the opportunity to challenge your survivalist abilities to the fullest extent. This will allow you to essentially create your own adventure that fits with your style of play.

Tread carefully… or what lurks might just tread on you.
Tread carefully… or what lurks might just tread on you.

Key Features & Changes:

  • A new forest/jungle environment.

  • Doubled the number of resources, zombies, and wild animals.

  • Added the ability to choose the difficulty/challenge of the map.

  • Implemented various weather conditions.

  • Provided clear in-game goals.

Thanks once again for reading our dev-blog for this week! Tune in for more posts and updates for Dawn of Survivors 2! Check us out facebook, twitter, and discord. Leave your thoughts with the rest of the community and we’ll see you at dawn.



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