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Put Your Hands to Good Use: Crafting Workshops

Dev-Blog #13 Workshops & Environmental Attributes

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. All images, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Become a master craftsman! Welcome back, survivors, to the Dev-log! Today we want to discuss buildable workshops. In DoS1, you could unlock workshops that were used to craft more resources, gears, or other useful items. You were not just a scavenger, hunter, or gatherer - you were also a carpenter, blacksmith, and a doctor! All of those workshops have returned in Dawn of Survivors 2!

Taking inspiration from our previous outing, we wanted you to have the ability to craft the items you need to survive. This gives you control over your gameplay and allows you to build a home of your choosing. This also gives you a challenge to get more advanced items, since you’ll need to scavenge dangerous territories. This leaves you and your workshops vulnerable.

You’ll have to choose wisely which workshops to craft because workshops can be destroyed by zombies and the environment around you. choosing which workshops to build could result in your death or your survival.

Additionally, choosing which items to craft could result in losing the ability to craft other items which could be more important to your survival later down the road. These are the life and death decisions that you’ll have to face on a regular basis.

You have a plethora at your disposal!
You have a plethora at your disposal!

We are proud of the workshops because they’ll give you the opportunity to shift your experience to accomplishing map goals, and will let you decide how to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll be able to make the world you want within the horrid walls of the apocalypse.

Key Points:

  • Workshops allow you to craft the items you need.

  • Crafting is unlimited, resources however, are limited.

  • Workshops are affected by the environment (too damp= weaker walls, too hot= dry & prone to fire). 

Overall we appreciate you for reading our dev-blogs each week. Share your thoughts on social media. Future blogs will continue to rise, as we’ll see you next time at dawn!



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