Party Time: Co-Op Play

Dev-Blog #8 Co-Op Updates & Core Changes

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images and graphics shown might change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Life is better with friends. So is killing zombies! One of the biggest accomplishments of DoS1 was our co-op update that allowed you to invite a friend or other fellow survivors to your customized shelter. This allowed you both to take on the undead hordes together.  

This time, you don’t have to wait for the update! DoS2 allows you to immediately play Co-Op from the start, and it's simpler than ever!

Explode them into pieces, this is the best reward...

Welcome back, survivors, to another Dawn of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. We want you to understand that your feedback is one of the many things we take into consideration with each update we implement.

In DoS1, when you tried to invite friends or fellow survivors to your shelter, they arrived naked and unequipped. All of their gear had to remain at their own shelter. The idea was to encourage you to support each other. In DoS2, however, you can show up with your own gear and be immediately ready to rock n’ roll! Co-op is now more immersive and allows you to fully experience the zombie apocalypse on your terms!

Three survivors ready for battle...

We know how crucial co-op is to all of you, not only because of your feedback, but because we’re just as passionate about games. Not only is it fun to share experiences with friends, it’s also a crucial element of survival in the apocalypse. No zombie survival game could be complete without fellow survivors coming together to survive and rebuild society.  

Do nothing alone!

Always ready to defend! Stay Strong Together!

In this new co-op, you and a teammate can: gather resources, build shelters, share weapons, and take road trips in the Death Mower! That’s right!  You can both hop in the truck, mow-down the undead, and check out the bloody sights together! Ain’t nothin’ better than cruisin’ with your crew, am I right?

Overall, we know you’ll love co-op because it’s always fun to share this world with that special someone.

Key Differences & Changes:

  • Unlike DoS1, DoS2 will start with a co-op mode available.

  • Co-Op allows your teammate to bring their customized gear to your match

  • Co-Op allows your teammate to share in the: building, fighting, resource gathering, and exploration.

Now we can’t just simply ignore the ones whom have shared positive excitement for the development of DoS2:

The hype is real!

Thank you for openly sharing your thoughts with the community. We always appreciate your feedback, and will do our best to continue making progress with Dawn of Survivors 2. Thank you again for checking out our dev-blogs! More posts will continue to come. Check us out on social media and we’ll see you at dawn!