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New Vehicle in Dawn Of Survivors 2!

Dev-Blog #1 Vehicle Overhaul

DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images and graphics shown in the video might change or not appear at all in the final version of the game.

Welcome back to the DoS Dev-log!  We’re so happy to see that the strong have truly survived! Today we’re going to talk about what really stands out in DoS2.

For Dawn of Survivors 2, we wanted to give you a special weapon that would not only help take down hordes of zombies, but also provide much needed protection for your resources.  What works as both a weapon and a storage unit? Taking inspiration from many post-apocalyptic tropes, we came up with the best solution ...

The Truck: Death Mower

A man’s best friend is his truck.

When developing Dawn of Survivors 2, we knew that vehicles were a huge aspect of the original game.  You’d spend hours, if not days, gathering resources to unlock vehicles which would then unlock more areas for you to achieve more goals and collect even more resources.  The vehicles were essentially doorways into more adventures.

In this sequel, we wanted to focus less on unlocking areas and more on surviving against hordes.  When we created the “escape” aspect as the main focus of the game, rather than just collecting resources in new areas, we knew that you would still need a vehicle, but one that fit the environment and provided a strong defense against the raiding hordes.

Cars put dust behind them. Death Mower leaves a trail of the undead.
Cars put dust behind them. Death Mower leaves a trail of the undead.

Using as much inspiration as possible, we created this massive, zombie-crushing truck.  Not only does it flatten zombies, it also stores your most precious items, which can’t be raided by other players.  In Dawn of Survivors 2, you’ll have more control of your loot and the ultimate weapon against those who would do you harm.

Key Changes & Features:

  • Crafted a zombie-crushing and resource management truck.

  • Protection against massive hordes of zombies.

  • Provided a stronger focus on a vehicle upgrade system, rather than just resource gathering.

Thank you again for reading our latest blog!   Stay tuned for more posts and updates in the future as we continue to build upon the first game with even more features!  Next time we’ll be discussing the various dangerous animals that roam and poach the area. Until then, be sure to check us out our Social Media and join the conversation with the community.



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