New Survivor NPCs

Dev-Blog #33 NPC AI & Environmental Player Feedback

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Any Images, video, and graphics shown, may change, or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

As developers, it’s important to sit down and think on how we can improve the zombie slaying experience. The question arises, how can we design a game to be more immersive? The answer: human interaction! Or at least the imitation of human interaction - NPCs! Getting a response or seeing the world operate on its own, makes players feel more engaged with the game. Even as we see the game develop, the idea of a zombie world continuing to change makes the immersion that much more enjoyable. Today, let’s look at how the NPCs affect the player experience.

Survivors are stronger in numbers! Join your friends to slay the undead!

A) NPCs react to environmental changes & player engagement:

Each character has a personality, and each character reacts to the world around them in different ways. Some are afraid of zombies and fire, so they’ll run away. Others will only move or talk when it’s nighttime. How you choose to interact with them changes their mood. They may trust you less if you let them get hurt by the infected, or they may just join you without question. What you ultimately decide to do in these wastelands will determine their next move.

B) Resource and weapon benefits:

Depending on the survivor, some may drop resources you can’t normally find or craft on your own. As mentioned in DevBlog 183 Benefits from Saving Survivors”, and DevBlog 214 Ways Scavenging is Now More Accessible”, NPCs may give you some helpful resources if you decide to aid or rescue them. Being able to cooperate with characters, and even fellow survivors, allows for an ever-expanding gameplay experience that unlocks new weapons/gear for players.

C) Lore expansion through NPCs:

Connecting players into a new world is a refreshing experience, and always gives them the opportunity to imagine and discover a game’s universe. Each character reveals hidden lore and possibly in-game secrets that would otherwise go unnoticed. Some lore can even lead back to DoS1, thereby connecting the two games. All of which is up to you to lay bare in your next Dawn of Survivors experience.

Every character has a story - a story that could reveal the lore behind the Dawn Of Survivors undead...

What adventure awaits these survivors?


We hope this provided some insight and got you excited for what Dawn of Survivors has to offer upon release. We can say first hand that there have been quite a few changes from the first Dev-Blog up until today, especially with new builds with new complementary features that only enhance the zombie slaying player experience. As Dawn of Survivors 2’s development continues, we’ll keep you posted on all the exciting updates. Thank you for your patience, and remember to keep on surviving!