NEW MAP: Town Ruins

Dev-Blog #20 Selectable Maps

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Welcome back, Survivors! Today we want to share with you additional maps in Dawn Of Survivors 2. 

Through toil, trouble, and rubble, the undead rise. Get ready to scavenge through the ruins of a lost city as the dead and the wild prowl the area. In this fallen city, you will have plenty of resources and just as much danger around every corner. Like Green Hell, you’ll be able to customize the map to fit your style of play, but no matter what you choose, this city’s dwellers can be friend or foe.

Quickly start a match, and jump right into a game..
… or customizable your experience.

What’s new with this map?

On this map, we wanted to keep our tradition of allowing you to scavenge throughout a city, in search of resources, however, in DoS1, after the outbreak, the cities still looked clean. We took it a step further by making the environment feel as if the surrounding cities had been destroyed by the apocalypse and abandoned for years. It looks like the ancient ruins of a warzone. The environment feels darker, more desolate, and more eerie. Civilization has truly fallen to pieces.

How is this map designed?

To make this environment come to life, we took inspiration from pictures of WWII warzones and environmental disasters. 

Inspiration from the destroyed Pavlov house in Stalingrad of WW2

Cities and villages in those images are so destroyed that they look like Greek ruins. All that’s left are just the foundations. There are no roofs or staircases to any upper levels - just the remains of walls and floors. In DoS2, you’re surviving among a lost and forgotten civilization. From there, you can create your own stories of the apocalypse or discover the truth from the remaining survivors.

Searching through the undead has risks!

Overall, we are incredibly excited to see how you’ll enjoy this new map, and how the dark environment and structures affect your experience.

We appreciate the Survivors who continue to check out our dev-blogs! Look out for more posts and updates for Dawn of Survivors 2! Don’t forget to send us your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord! We’ll see you next time at dawn.