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New Build: UI/UX Gameplay Changes

Dev-Blog #30 Changes in User Experience

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Any Images, video, and graphics shown, may change, or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Welcome back, Survivors, another Dev-Blog in the Dawn Of Survivors 2 development! We’re so grateful for our incredibly supportive community of strong survivalists who are hyped for the second edition in the DoS series. Recently, our team has received a new build from the dev team that features welcomed changes to the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). To ensure that you’re not left in the dark, we thought we’d share with you at least 2 of those changes.

New Map Layout:

The world is bigger than you know...
The world is bigger than you know...

First, you select your starting location. That same location reveals additional locations for the player to travel to - further expanding the area, as well as increasing the chance of gathering even more resources or saving even more survivors. Each survivor has a unique backstory (and unique AI traits). To alleviate any repetitive gameplay: world maps, mini maps, and area-specific locations are all computer generated. This also applies to locations that have a bulk amount of one specified resource.

Each location reveals even more locations!
Each location reveals even more locations!

Item-use Balance:

Let’s make the timing more realistic...
Let’s make the timing more realistic...

When in a pinch, DoS1 allows you to literally spam your secondary item to regain your health to full. To accommodate skilled players, to help preserve the core behind ‘survival games’, and to prevent cheesing, the items in the quickbar are set to a timer (this does not apply to players’ inventory). This does have cons as far as overall progression, but 80-90% of the secondary slot in DoS1 was used to replenish quickly depleting health. 

This more-so encourages you to use strategy, traps, sneaking, and many other potentially overlooked ways, to eliminate zombies. Each of you have a different take on solving problems/challenges in games, so we wanted to be sure that you got to explore each of these in your unique style.

There’s more we wish we could reveal, but we’d rather you discover more of what Dawn Of Survivors 2 has to offer. It’s the experience that makes the game!

You’ll be hearing from us soon in the next following weeks with a new update to share. We hope each of you and your loved ones are safe. We will continue to develop Dawn Of Survivors 2, and we’ll keep those flesh-thirsty zombies at bay! Thank you for your patience and remember to stay strong and keep on surviving!



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