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Map Development & Online Play

Dev-Blog #28 In-Game Map Development

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Greetings, Survivors! In today’s DoS2 Dev-Blog, we’re going over procedural generation and online play. While maps in DoS1 also have procedural generation, those are limited based on scale. Maps in DoS2, however, take the elements of the first game and apply it to create new opportunities in player experience. So how is online play affected?

A map with overgrown trees near buildings.
A map with overgrown trees near buildings.

1) Multi-Procedural Resource Generation:

DoS2 map locations have double the resources relative to DoS1 map locations. With the addition of end-game goals, the number of resources must accommodate the jump in speed and difficulty.

2) Environmental Synchronization: 

Resources now syncs more fluidly; so if one player picks up an item, then the surrounding players will immediately notice missing resources. If one player experiences lag or a slight delay during gameplay, other players are not affected.

3) Multiplayer Resource Management:

DoS2 can now support up to 6 players on a team. With that many players, resources don’t seem as abundant as if you played solo. To balance gameplay and make it more inclusive, Co-Op separates the skills you learn. You rely more on each other, but the opportunity to go solo while playing Co-Op is technically possible.

Just keep driving!
Just keep driving!
The start of one tricked out machine...
The start of one tricked out machine...

Extra things, such as polishing the Death Mower UX and ensuring the zombies pose a threat in or out of your shelter, are just a few of the things we’re working on for DoS2. The UI is something the dev team is working on as of late, but we’ll keep you posted on further developments!


Thanks for reading our dev-blogs, and don’t hesitate to ask us about future development for Dawn of Survivors 2. Tell us what you think on: Facebook, Twitter, and the community Discord! See you next time Survivors!



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