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Latency Improvements in Co-Op

Dev-Blog #32 Server Connection Improvements

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Any Images, video, and graphics shown, may change, or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Survivors! Welcome back to the DoS Dev-Blog! Before we dive into the new and exciting changes we’ve made in DoS2, we want to personally thank you for your patience throughout the development of DoS2. We’re passionate about creating a unique experience for the Nintendo Switch, and your patience gives us more time to polish the game for next year. With that said, let’s dive in on what you can expect in the coming dawn!

Latency between our servers and your console for DoS2 seems to be more structured. Without considering post-launch delays, and server overloads, the connection between you and a teammate should be seamless. Interacting with players from Australia to the US might pose a higher ping between hosts, but overall, it should allow all players to slay away without delay. 

A video showing the latency from the host to any teammate.

The Nintendo Switch has a Nvidia Tegra processor with a 4.1 Bluetooth WiFi built in; accompanied by 4GB DDR4 memory. There are more specs, but the point is that this little device packs quite a punch. With server connections being routinely maintained, and having the ability to be more accommodating for any influx in player count, it really falls on whom you play with and your internet service provider. We’ll do our best to ensure that connections between players are stable - all we ask is that you provide us with feedback to further improve the connection between users. PCGamer recommends a latency between 75-100 milliseconds for quality gameplay; albeit PC, this practice still applies to your console. No one wants to slay zombies only to find your teammate rubberbanding and constantly dying because of poor connection issues. This is what some players experience in other games with poorly maintained internal servers: lost items, lack of player cooperation, etc. This is why the DoS Team will do what we can to ensure the best zombie gaming experience for everyone.


We’ll continue to provide updates in the following weeks on game changes and zombie-slaying improvements. We hope each of you are doing well, as Dawn Of Survivors 2 continues development. Thank you for your patience, and remember to stay strong survivors!



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