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How Your Shelter Defense Skills Will Improve

Dev-Blog #14 Environmental Defences

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. All images, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.

There's no place like home! Holding onto the existing mechanics of this series, you’ll be able to build your own home from the resources you collect. You can design your own piece of paradise just the way you like it with the help of the workshops and your scavenging skills. And of course, no home is complete without good defenses to keep out those hungry neighbors.

Expand your territory!
Expand your territory!

One of the things that stood out the most with DoS1 was the construction mode. We wanted you to have your own shelter that was a reflection of your style of play. How you survive the apocalypse should be played your way and having a home base all to yourself is the purest accomplishment as a survivalist. When building your shelter and defences, it’s something you designed, and it’s something you’ve earned. That’s what really stood out in DoS1.

The start of a major sanctuary of survivalists.
The start of a major sanctuary of survivalists.

So what’s new in DoS2? Listed below are 3 changes that are sure to enhance the overall gameplay and improve your home defenses:

1. Moveable Environments:

Following the same structure as DoS1, after you’ve gathered enough lumber or have used the wood workshop to convert wood into lumber, you can then switch to construction mode and decide your floor and wall setup, as well as your furniture arrangements. You can rearrange the walls and workshops or even remove them completely. The placement of walls or workshops are no longer permanent. There’s little limit to what you can do, as long as you have the floorspace and resources to do it.

More wall = More protection? Let’s Try it!
More wall = More protection? Let’s Try it!

2. Triggered Traps:

As mentioned in previous blog posts, there are new traps such as the catapult, gun turret, and spike traps. The catapult, for example, can optionally be armed without a trigger and instead activated with a power source. If one pressure plate or tripwire is activated, then any combination of your defences can trigger all without you present.

3. Spawnable Hordes:

One new element in DoS2 is the onslaught of constant horde attacks. To help with the hordes, air drops can now be called from any location or right at the center of your base. So as you deal with the extra challenge of the horde attack, help won’t be too far away.

Overall, the philosophy remains: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Despite a few minor tweaks and additional mechanics added for shelter defence, the shelter building, trap setting, and horde spawning, is now more accessible for players from all skillsets.

Focal Points:

  • Construction is visually similar to DoS1.

  • Ability to rearrange walls & furniture the way you want.

  • More home defenses additions.

Thanks for reading our Dev-Blogs. Tell us your thoughts on social media. Future blogs will continue to rise, as we’ll see you next time at dawn!



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