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How We Make Better Games | DoS2 Update

Dev-Blog #29 Creating Value During Production

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Hold strong, Survivors, and welcome back to the Dawn Of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog! This week, we’re giving you an exclusive, inside look at how our development team plans and operates all aspects of Dawn of Survivors and games in general. For all you aspiring game developers, this might be up your ally! So here are some key elements of game development and marketing that guide our team:

Day or night, zombies lurk around every corner!
Day or night, zombies lurk around every corner!

Planning Pre & Post Launch Events:

A game’s popularity is only as good as it’s audience. No game, minus the rare cases, launches without events or marketing that help it become a regular occurrence in players’ day-to-day gaming sessions. Each event has to be planned ahead of time to consider promoting the newest features we believe users will enjoy.

Engaging with Community:

This is a daily thing for our team. The last thing we’d want hovering in our minds, is if we missed a comment or suggestion. Albeit we can’t answer every question, but we still do our best to respond when necessary. We do, however, enjoy engaging with this community on all things zombie (this is a zombie game after all). Sharing our experiences and knowledge about zombies and even game development, is the best part of our day.

Answering Questions for DoS1 & DoS2:

From simple questions, to resolving player submitted tickets, the goal isn’t only to answer all inquiries, but to help those who are also curious about DoS1 and the transition to DoS2. Some users may be stuck or may be having issues with DoS1(bugs in worse cases). It’s up to us to leave no stone unturned.

Adding Features & Polish to Improve Gameplay:

We learn as much we do from the industry, as we learn from this community’s feedback. Creating a great game, any game, falls short without a strong core gameplay mechanic that keeps players interested, engaged, and motivated to ‘survive’ longer in-game. If all else, we will continue to polish the game moving forward.


Once again, you’ll be hearing from us very soon in the next couple of weeks for an update. Mentioning all these reminds us to keep at it, and reminds you that we’re still active in the development for Dawn Of Survivors 2. Thank you for your patience and remember to stay strong and keep on surviving!


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Arnold Gregs
Arnold Gregs
Oct 09, 2021

I enjoyed reaading your post

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