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Home & Shelter Defenses

Dev-Blog #3 Ground Defences & New Weaponry Triggers

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images and graphics shown might change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

t’s a trap! Get ready for our new blog series about our most prominent and proudest feature of Dawn of Survivors 2...TRAPS AND TURRETS! Unlike in DoS, it’s not only spikes and fences that will protect your home, it’s also: turrets, catapults, and flamethrowers! We’ve gone all out in DoS2 to create unique ways to optimize your shelter. We wanted to give you the greatest post-apocalyptic defense design your survivalist heart could ever crave.

Hello, survivors, and welcome back to the Dawn Of Survivors Dev-Blog. For next few weeks we are introducing and profiling a new trap or defensive turret along with its features and mechanics. We think you’re going to love what we have in store for you as you take on the hordes of the undead. They won’t know what hit them!

These zombies are heading to their doom!
These zombies are heading to their doom!

The turrets range from machine guns to catapults to flamethrowers.Each defense entity has their own triggering system that’s either based on your own movement, or by motion sensors. Either way, these defenses have their own unique attack formation and they all pack quite a punch!

We wanted to give you something new and exciting that really made a difference from our previous game. Our previous home defenses were simple fences and pikes that just kept the zombies and raiders at bay. This time, we wanted to up the carnage by giving you a variety of fun, over-the-top devices that will really raise the game to a whole new level.

Time to prep the kitchen to fillet some zombies.
Time to prep the kitchen to fillet some zombies.

With each new turret, comes a clever way for you to enjoy your zombie slaying experience. Design the layout of your traps, lead the horde to its demise, and walk away clean like a boss! We are excited to introduce new turrets and traps over the next few weeks. Keep checking back here for more updates and previews! Be sure to check us out on social media as well!

Key Additions:

  • Added a variety of traps and turrets, (e.g. machine guns, spikes, and flamethrowers).

  • Each turret has its own triggering system.

  • You can now design and place thetraps in any way you’d like.

Thank you again for reading our latest blog!   Stay tuned for more posts and updates in the future as we continue to build upon the first game with even more features!  Next time we’ll be discussing the various dangerous animals that roam and poach the area. Until then, be sure to check us out our Social Media and join the conversation with the community.



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