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Going Solo: Offline Single-Player Mode

Dev-Blog #17 Offline v.s. Online Play

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Finally, it’s here! One of the more prominent feedback expressed to us was the desire for a single-player option. While many players prefer co-op and community play, many prefer a gameplay experience that allows them to intimately explore the depths and core of a games’ design. It’s understandable to see that DoS fans yearn for such an adventure, as benefits behind it, stand out:

You start small, but grow into a stronger survivalist.

1) No Need to Pay for Nintendo Online

Don’t want to bother with other players raiding your shelter?  No worries: Dawn Of Survivors 2 can be played and fully experienced offline.

2) No Codependency with Inactive Players

In DoS1, if you decided to continue playing with a random user, you’d be leaving them out of the: raiding, exploration, and zombie-slaying. Not only do you miss out on playing with fellow survivalists, but they too, would miss the opportunity to join you. DoS2 allows you the option to play with or without others - and everyone gets the full experience. Even if your game started as a Co-Op match, you can continue offline.

3) Skill Mastery

Playing offline allows you to build your skillset on your own time. This can prepare you for online cooperative play at your own pace.

We want everyone to experience Dawn of Survivors 2 and not be hindered by a mandatory online service! Thank you again for reading our dev-blog, and tune next time for more updates. Tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!



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