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Death From Below: Spikes

Dev-Blog #7 Shelter Defences

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. All images, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Time to stick it to the zombies! Welcome back, survivors, to the Dawn Of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. While there are plenty of catapults and turret combinations to mow down zombies, there’s another trap they won’t see coming - spikes! It’s truly death from below as zombies take their last steps before they’re swept off their feet.

We wanted you to enjoy devising a sneak attack against the undead. This way, you have a unique trap that’s different from all the other weaponized workshops. What’s better than a trap that’s unseen? One that surprise-attacks when they least expect it!

They never even stood a chance!
They never even stood a chance!

When hunting invasive animals, one way prey can be captured and killed, is with them falling into spiked pits. These improvised spikes however, are triggered by the slightest touch. Once the target, in this case – a zombie, comes within range of the spikes, they’ll spring up lightning fast, and inflict major damage. The more spikes that are laid out, the more timely death will fall upon the undead, as they’ll be unable to chase you without setting off one of these deadly spikes!

The idea for the Spike Trap was referenced from professional hunting and war movies. Professional hunters often set up simple traps made up of simple tools and materials found in the environment like knives or sticks. War movies often have battle scenes in jungles, much like our map(s). The enemy always sets up a simple trap or two to dismember the soldiers. Taking those to heart, we wanted to create a unique and trigger-happy trap that could be used to your advantage.

The more you have the easier it gets! Now that’s a secret tip.
The more you have the easier it gets! Now that’s a secret tip.

Looks like the punch at this party was, “spiked”!
Looks like the punch at this party was, “spiked”!

We are so excited to show you this incredibly fun trap that will protect your home and give you the full advantage over the undead hordes. Set them up and cut them down!

Overall Changes:

  • Created the spike trap with trigger system.

  • Designed the trap with a wider and faster hit-box.

  • Designed with low resource requirements.

Thanks for reading our dev-blogs once again, and be sure to share your thoughts on social media. Let's keep the DoS2 community growing together. Thank you, and we’ll see you at dawn.



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