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Dawn Of Survivors 2 Now in Development!

Dev-Blog #0 The Journey Begins!

DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images and graphics shown in the video might change or not appear at all in the final version of the game.

It's a new dawn and the dead have returned! Wistone Entertainment is proud to announce that we’re developing Dawn of Survivors 2!  To keep everyone updated on this next post-apocalyptic, zombie-fest, we’ve created this official dev-log, where we’ll share insight on how we’re crafting the sequel to DoS1.

We are grateful for all the feedback from our community and have dedicated ourselves to using that feedback to improve our games and your survival experience.  With that said, we’ve retained the heart and soul, and mechanics of the original game, but we’ve added new features that we think will provide a more intense and immersive experience.


Want a hot, new ride?  How about a dynamic zombie-crushing truck?  It not only owns the road, it’s also good for storage, transportation, and evening the odds against the undead.  Having taken your feedback about the lack of storage in the early stages of the game, we came up with a solution: a big ol’ camper truck … with spikes!  We wanted to make sure your vehicle came stacked and ready to hit the pavement … and the zombies! Keep checking in for more updates about this awesome new vehicle!

A literal man killin’ machine.
A literal man killin’ machine.


Here they come!  It’s no longer just a skip in the park: you’ll have to consistently protect your home from numerous hordes of invading zombies!  While you search for resources and build your home, you’ll be up against a clock as time counts down to the shrieking horde of flesh eaters.  If you’re lucky enough to survive, there won’t be much time for celebration, because the clock restarts for the next horde! So keep a look out and keep building up your defenses … because the dead won’t stop.

Nowhere to run!
Nowhere to run!

NEW ENEMIES, LOCATIONS, & NPCs: Help Survivors, Explore the World, or be Hunted!

Zombies aren’t the only thing you have to worry about.  There are hungry, mutated wolves and boars … and you’re on the menu!  This is something we think will spice up gameplay, not only as a different enemy to encounter, but a new resource for food and clothing.

This is quite a diverse pack of hunters.
This is quite a diverse pack of hunters.

There are new locations to explore filled with new resources, abandoned warehouses, windmills, and swamp lands.  We really wanted to make it easier to find resources fast, as the shear number of zombies can devastate an established shelter.  More resources = faster leveling towards end-game weapons. Oh, and don’t think that’s the only way to get powerful weapons. The more you explore, the higher the chance you have at nabbing some good loot.


On top of all that, we wanted to provide you all with a clear goal.  Some users were unsure of the end-goal for DoS1, so we took that feedback and rolled with it.  Although it’s still being ironed out, you can customize your games to match your skill-set, or team up with fellow survivors who also seek a similar challenge.  Your job is to escape the ruined landscape by contacting the evac chopper!

Time to hit the road, Jack!
Time to hit the road, Jack!


We want to thank you all for your continuous support of our vision and all the help you’ve provided us in improving our game.  Stay tuned for more posts in the future as we are excited to release this intense and fun game!  You’ll experience a truly chilling and ruthless zombie apocalypse that builds upon the first game with even more features!



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