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Burn Down the House! Catapult Add-On: Fire!

Dev-Blog #5 Catapult Combinations

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images and graphics shown might change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Do you like your meat rare or well-done? Either way, it’s gonna be a BBQ! Hello survivors, and welcome back to the Dawn of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. Here’s an exclusive look at one of our devastating turrets in action - the fire catapult! With a creative use of ammo, this zombie fryer is a turret that’s guaranteed to wipe out oncoming hordes.

It burns so much, it’s explosive!
It burns so much, it’s explosive!

We wanted to provide you with the necessary tools to protect your home while still having fun!   What better way to provide that experience than to give all of you an enormous amount of firepower?! No pun intended. This catapult offers a unique defense system that can be easily integrated with any current defence system you’ve created, and positioned for maximum results.

Pick your position and fire!
Pick your position and fire!

Connect your plates to any set-up!
Connect your plates to any set-up!

Once you’ve unlocked the catapult, it can be easily moved and set up like any other furniture. To use it, just set it up in the position you want, load it up with a torch, place down the Pressure Plate, and connect it to the catapult using a wire. Then just set the catapult hit-radious direction and you’re ready to go!  

When this catapult hits, it burns, and it kills. Since these zombies tend to horde together, you’re in for a show.  Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

We hope you enjoy this unique new way to kill the undead as much as we loved designing it! Thanks for your continued feedback and support. DoS2 is reaching a whole new level of zombie killing madness and fun and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Key Changes:

  • Added fire-ball ammunition to the catapult that burns zombies within its range.

  • Added trigger system.

  • Customized positioning design.

Thanks for reading our dev-blogs, and be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on social media. Let's grow together. Thanks again, and we’ll see you again next time at dawn. 



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