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Be Very, Very Quiet: Stealth Mode

Dev-Blog #12 Sound and Stealth Mechanics

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. All images, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Be very, very quiet … we’re looking for zombies! Boom!  Sneak attack! Need to get around without being detected? Try exploring in stealth mode! You can get the upper hand on those flesh-eating ghouls by sneaking up behind them and taking them down or by gathering resources behind their back without them ever knowing you were there!

Sneaking in the shadows...
Sneaking in the shadows...

Welcome back, everyone, to the Dawn of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. Today, we’d like to brush over stealth and zombies. Much like DoS1, we wanted you to have the ability to sneak around without having to risk your health or weapons. As much as we wanted you all to face more danger, we also knew that you needed a chance to escape. Some of you enjoy the head-to-head fighting, while others enjoy the suspense of testing your abilities to move stealthily.

… to slay the undead.
… to slay the undead.

There’s just one catch … being unseen doesn’t mean you can’t be smelled. Wild boars and wolves can smell you no matter what. So, you’ll have to plan accordingly. While you might be able to sneak around zombies, animals will not be so easily duped.

Stealth can be performed anywhere, but must be used wisely!
Stealth can be performed anywhere, but must be used wisely!

Our hope is to create a game that appeals to many different styles of play. This way, none of you feel left out. With the stealth mode, now you can play at your own pace or adapt to any situation.

Key Points:

  • Stealth mode allows you to sneak attack zombies.

  • Stealth mode allows you to collect resources without detection.

  • You can choose how to approach each situation or play at your own pace.

  • Animals can still smell and attack you even if you’re in stealth mode.

We appreciate you for reading our dev-blogs. Let us know your thoughts on social media. Updates will continue every week. Thank you, and we’ll see you soon at dawn!



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