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Update: Dawn of Survivors 2 | Nintendo Switch

Dev-Blog #28.5 Formal Announcement for Future Updates

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Greetings Survivors! We are so grateful that Dawn of Survivors has cultivated a massive and compassionate community dedicated to all things zombies. We on the DoS Team are motivated to explore and provide a unique gaming experience that all can enjoy. Many have asked when the release date of Dawn of Survivors 2 on the Nintendo Switch will be announced. Well, we have an answer … sort of … 

WiSTONE, as a studio, not only develops zombie based games, but also several other games on multiple platforms. Some of these games are a high priority, and with the current global pandemic taking its toll, it's been taxing on the dev team. 

Unfortunately, this means that the release of Dawn of survivors 2, has been delayed into later of 2021.

We know, we know, it's awful. We really wanted to share this great game with you sooner, but we also want to be transparent about the development process, rather than to go completely silent. This also means that blogs won't occur every week, but possibly every two weeks. We'll do our best to inform you of all the zombie-update-goodies you'll be getting in this Nintendo switch title.

Despite the sad news, there’s a silver lining: this does give us time to polish the best attributes of this game. If there’s one thing we could leave you with, it’s a quote from the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. Many game developers have experienced the exact same thing.

In the past, and even now, the tiniest mistake can make or break a game’s success. To ensure that we stick by our community, and provide an exclusive Dawn of Survivors gaming experience, we must take every opportunity to: polish, update, test, design, and market our game.

You will be hearing from us very soon in the coming weeks. We just needed to make a formal announcement on all social media, so that none of you are left in the dark. Thank you so much for your patience and support! We are so grateful.

Stay strong, survivors, and will see you at Dawn!



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