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3 Ways the Items Menu has Improved

Dev-Blog #11 Item Inventories

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. All images, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

Who said you couldn’t enjoy everything the apocalypse has to offer? Welcome back once again, survivors, to the Dawn Of Survivors 2 Dev-Blog. Today we’ll discuss how we’ve worked with our dev team to improve the Items Menu.

You’re gonna feel like a walking storage unit!
You’re gonna feel like a walking storage unit!

1. Keepin’ It Old School:

Just like in DoS1, you’ll be able to carry a set number of items with you as you trek through the undead wasteland. However, this time around, you’ll be able to carry even more items. You’ll have separate menus for your backpack and quick-select bar. Even though the examples shown aren’t exact, we’re confident the small UI adjustments will help.

2. NEW Quick-Add Mechanic:

Need to craft a Stone Axe, but you’re in a time crunch? Then the Quick-Add mechanic is for you! We wanted you to have more control over your items while also allowing you to carry more in a quick-select bar. Toggling from your inventory to in-game can be a hassle, especially when you’re being chased by zombies. So, what was the solution? You can now add items from your backpack into your quick-select bar for immediate use with just a simple button. It’s like having items already in your hands while your other items are in your back pockets. 

An ease of access experience.
An ease of access experience.

3. Extended Inventory:

Inventory still small? Just craft a backpack and you’ll be a walking storehouse! This will give you a stronger sense of control over your character and items by saving you time between selections. Not only will you have up to 6 items in your quick-select bar, which you can freely rotate during gameplay, but your basic backpack can store almost 5x the amount that your quick-select bar can hold!

Overall, we wanted you to avoid the constant irritation of opening up your menu and switching between items, especially when dealing with hordes of zombies. It made much more sense to give you two items lists: one for your immediate items and one for your personally stored items. Although not everything here is final, we think this should work well for having multiple inventory menus.

Design Changes:

  • Established separated inventory menus: one personal, one stored.

  • Faster item swap/selecting.

Thanks again for reading our apocalyptic dev-blogs, it means a lot. Be sure to share your thoughts on social media. We can’t wait to share more updates for Dawn Of Survivors 2 in the future. Thanks, and we’ll see you soon at dawn!



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