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3 Benefits from Saving Survivors

Dev-Blog #18 NPC Gameplay

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Images, video, and graphics shown, may change or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

The will of humanity, the struggle of many, the strive to move forward, is what makes humans resilient, even in an apocalypse. The survivors you come across have fought to survive, but they need your help to escape. 

Welcome back, everyone, to another Dev-Blog for Dawn Of Survivors 2! In today’s briefing, we’re going over the benefits of saving survivors!

They stand waiting and vigilant for the next opportunity
They stand waiting and vigilant for the next opportunity

Every survivor has a unique backstory, and expresses that backstory through their actions and their conversations with you. Below are a few features we think are the benefits in rescuing wandering survivors.

1) Survivors Drop Loot

Wandering Survivors are often found in disastrous situations, i.e. they’re barricaded behind walls and furniture as zombies try to break into their shelter. After fighting your way to save them, you get to hear their backstory. They will be in need of your help. Their status may state ‘hungry’ or, ‘thirsty’. If you provide them with what they need, they’ll give you a Survivor’s Care Package. This Loot will be random, but has the chance to drop weapons.

2) Survivors Increase User Score

After helping a survivor, you can rescue them with your Death Mower Truck. Wherever your truck resides, they’ll follow you to safety. Once rescued, your user score/rank increases. Although not final, that same rank can get you into matches with equally ranked survivalists.

Increase your reputation amongst fellow survivors.
Increase your reputation amongst fellow survivors.

3) NPC Survivors Add a New Dynamic to Gameplay It can seem like you’re alone in the apocalypse, but there are survivors just like you, who are thriving amongst the undead. Saving survivors will add to the depth and story of the DoS universe. You can make the choice to either rescue or abandon troubled survivors, explore the world around you, and reveal the true origin of this apocalypse.

Survivors hope for a rescue point, you find it!
Survivors hope for a rescue point, you find it!

These new mechanics for Dawn of Survivors 2 addresses many of the complexities and concerns with the first DoS game. We’re trying to provide everyone a zombie slaying experience that fits their style of gameplay. We appreciate and thank you for reading our dev-blogs once again, but be sure to chime in next time for new blogs. Tell us what you think on: Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!



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