2 Changes in DoS2’s Game Development Process

Dev-Blog #31 Development Changes

*DISCLAIMER: DoS2 is still in early development. Any Images, video, and graphics shown, may change, or may not appear in the final version of the game.*

With another change comes another update! Greetings, Survivors, and welcome back to another Dev-Blog for Dawn Of Survivors 2! As the dangers in the world continue to surround us, we know that the Dawn Of Survivors community continues to thrive and slay all zombies at hand. With that being said, here are some exciting new details for all you would-be zombie slayers! We wanted to give you all a no-holds-bar inside look at how our team develops games and takes your feedback to heart.

Ready for battle! Come and get some!

1) Feedback is Brainstormed and Not Listed:

Prior to DoS2, feedback was taken as a list of “issues and/or changes”. Player feedback from: tickets, social media, and developer playtests, is always considered during production, but not always implemented. For example, if our intention is to make players feel the true sense of wilderness zombie survival, then we’ll apply the player feedback that adds to this narrative and helps make a better game. Let’s say Player-A wants to add knives, but Player-B wants the ability to jump. We’d love to add both features, but due to time and development, we might only be able to add one feature. Player A’s suggestion seems to fit more within the narrative and if enough players support Player A’s suggestion, then that suggestion would be heavily considered. When it comes to game development, we can’t satisfy everyone’s suggestions, but we can at least pursue a satisfying experience for our community.

Planning out your Zombie traps can be a real challenge.

2) Production is Balanced and Not about relying on the Dart Board:

A recently released GDC talk called, From Game Jam to the Creation of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, from Ubisoft producer Matthew Rose, gives a unique insight on improving the game development process by taking a page from the Game-Jam scene. A balance between all 4 areas of production (business, production, creativity, & tech) must be considered if the goal is to produce a fun, replayable zombie survival game.

Chart showing how creativity is great for pre-production, but is detrimental if not balanced in the production phase.

This is something we must remember while we craft Dawn Of Survivors 2; something developers at the indie level, have mastered at a smaller scale. Feedback (no matter which platform), and production (no matter what method), both must be refined and understood, before the release on the Nintendo Switch. We strongly encourage our community to watch Matthew’s GDC talk for a greater look at game development.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you online, and we hope you look forward to another zomb-tastic update in the next following weeks. We again hope each of you and your loved ones are safe. We will continue developing Dawn Of Survivors 2 as best we can! Thank you for your patience and remember to stay strong and keep on surviving!