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Developer:  WiSTONE Entertainment

Release Date:  April 18, 2019

Platform:  Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop Game Page:

Price:  US$4.99

Languages:  English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese

ESRB:  Teen

*Nintendo Switch Online Membership required.

Game Description


When the dead rise, only the strong survive…

A virus has rampaged across the world. 80% of the population has been infected. The humans that remain must fight to survive. In this Rust meets Dead Island survival game, players will scavenge for resources in the wastelands of the zombie apocalypse. From decaying cities to dark forests, players will fight through hordes of zombies, raid other players’ sanctuaries, search for food, craft weapons and armor, and build shelters. Prepare yourself. For when the sun rises, so do the dead.


Every player starts equally and will have only their skills and wits to survive.  As players gather more resources and face relentless danger from the undead and the living, they will have to strategize on how to build their defenses, trade with other characters, and examine the risks that surround them. Every decision could be their last.  

Like in any apocalypse, players can choose to fight each other or team up. Players from around the world can share and protect their shelter together while taking on other deadly teams.  It’s a match made in hell! 


WiSTONE’s main focus was to build a world for every player to enjoy. Rather than giving any player an advantage, WiSTONE wanted this highly-stylized game to feel as balanced as possible.  In the apocalypse, we all start equally but our skills determine our future. This is truly a “survival of the fittest” experience.


The graphics are also unique.  WiSTONE’s goal was to make a comic book come to life. Players will experience an intense and visually striking game as if they are the heroes of their own graphic novel. 

Game Features


Scavenge the wastelands for resources.  You’ll search for supplies and materials in this cruel, undead world.  Everything can be used to help you survive.


Explore massive city landscapes, abandoned labs, hidden crash sites, and dark forests.  The dead are everywhere!


Face a variety of countless zombies, each with their own abilities.


Unlock and craft a massive assortment of weapons and tools, from swords to automatic rifles.



Take on players from around the world. Raid their shelters for resources, but be ready to defend your own home. The fight to survive never ends.


Players can join two-player teams and survive together! They can share and build a shelter while collecting resources and fighting other teams of players.

Press Kit

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The First Game Trailer

Team Survival Mode Trailer

Team Survival Mode Tutorial

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